Dell Latitude ON Reader 1.2

Dell Latitude ON Reader 1.2

Free An Instant Operating System based on Linux, offered with Dell Business Laptops
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Latitude ON is an Instant on or splashtop mini operating system offered by Dell on their new E-Series portables, there are two version of the solution, the first one, just called Latitude ON, its a hardware solution based on a chip integrated on the systemboard that fulfills basic user needs such as browsing the internet, working with office documents, windows calendar, mail and contacts.

On the other hand, Latitude ON Reader is a freeware linux based solution that offers same functionalities but requires hard drive space and as its name describe, its read only; as a note customers cant have both versions (hardware and software) together, and Latitude ON Reader is only offered on entry level Latitudes E4200/E4300.

Despite being a Linux based application, and running in a Linux environment, the application does not require a separate partition or dual booting setups. The application is installed on the main partition of the hard drive just like any other application, therefore it can be uninstalled through Windows Vista Program Features.

In order to start the application (and the main reason it actually exists) you need to press an special button like with MediaDirect, the button is located out of the keyboard layout and only works while system is off or on Hibernation; the application an also be launched within Windows but this time using the programs menu.

The main difference between hardware and software offerings are cost $ and the ability to modify files, so most of you will find the correct for you.

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  • Quick Boot
  • Simple
  • It can be updated


  • Limited
  • Takes 110 mb of hard drive space


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